The Risk Manager, Summer 2016

The Kentucky Bar Association Taskforce on Closed and Abandoned Practices has presented the Bar with an outstanding report for management of law practice closures. It addresses the issues from the perspective of the lawyer planning to close a practice and that of the lawyer who has consented to assist in the closing of a law practice.  The KBA describes this report as:

A Guide to Closing a Law Practice

There are many different reasons why a law practice closes, some are planned, for example – retirement, merging firms or entering public office, and others can be unplanned, such as an unexpected disability or death. While no single document or checklist can address all the possible questions or circumstances that will be encountered in the process of closing a practice, these materials attempt to address some of the basic guidelines and recommendations for an effective closure of a law practice.

The Guide is available for download on the KBA Website – click on Resources and then on Closed and Abandoned Practices. We strongly recommend that you include this in your professional reading.