Apply by Postal Mail

Please note Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company of Kentucky offers a claims-made policy for professional liability insurance. A claim made policy applies only to claims first made during the policy period or any extended reporting period. The limit of liability available to pay damages will be reduced and may be exhausted by claims expenses and claims expenses will be applied against the deductible amount.

New Admittee Application

For a lawyer admitted to the bar within the past year who is looking for professional liability insurance. Lawyers Mutual offers a 60% discount during the first year of practice, after admission to the bar, and graduated discounts through the fourth year of practice.

Premium Indicator Application

For any firm and/or lawyer looking for an estimate for professional liability insurance. Please note that completion of this form only allows Lawyers Mutual to provide an estimate of the premium we would offer. To receive a binding quotation the Firm and/or lawyer must complete the main application.

Main Application

Application and supplemental forms for professional liability insurance from Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company of Kentucky.

Please complete the application and all supplemental forms. Write n/a on forms not applicable to the Firm and sign and date them. Upon receipt of a completed application, a binding premium quotation and language for a warranty wording letter will be mailed to you. This letter on the Firm's letterhead warrants that you have not become aware of any error, incident, act, or omission which might fall within the scope of the requested insurance since the application was submitted. Once we receive the warranty wording letter and premium payment, we will send the Firm a policy of insurance.

To facilitate the continuity of your insurance once insured by us, a pre-printed renewal application is forwarded to you several weeks prior to your insurance renewal date. To obtain a renewal premium quotation, you need only make corrections and additions on the pre-printed application, sign, date, and return it to our office.