The Risk Manager, Summer 2014

A member of the KBA Ethics Committee brought to our attention that apparently many Kentucky lawyers are not aware of the new requirement in SCR 3.175, Efficient enforcement; notice of attorney’s address (effective January 1, 2014), to report their email address to the KBA. The rule now requires that KBA members:

(b) maintain with the Director a valid email address and shall upon change of that address notify the Director within 30 days of the new address, except however, that “Senior Retired Inactive” members and “Disabled Inactive” members shall not be required to maintain an email address;

If you have not managed to comply with this requirement, now is a good time to catch up. To add or change your email address, go to the KBA website and follow this guidance:

  • Login and look yourself up in the Lawyer Locator to see the address on file; then
  • Login and complete the online address update form or
  • Complete and return a PDF of the Address Change form.