The Risk Manager, Fall 2003

In a Lawyers’ Weekly USA article Bud Stoddard, president of Amerivault Corp., advises law firms to backup computer files everyday, make sure that the backup is stored off-site everyday, and be sure that the off-site backup procedures have the reliability and speed to restore the firm’s entire data base within 24-hours or less if the system crashes, is hit by a virus, or is destroyed by fire or other disaster. He stresses that the old fashioned system of having a trusted employee take home each night a backup of firm electronic files is just not good enough anymore for practice continuity or file security. Stoddard writes that it is naïve to think a disaster will never happen to your electronic files – it is inevitable in his opinion.

Amerivault is one of several data storage services that offer encrypted online data storage services for law firms of all sizes. While we do not endorse service providers, we can suggest that you contact Amerivault at or call (800) 744-0235 to learn more about online data backup.

Source: “ The Importance Of Data Backup,” Bud Stoddard, Lawyers’ Weekly USA, 2002 LWUSA 804, 12/9/02.