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October 19, 2022
LMICK Minute - Issue #26

News & Updates

Welcome New Kentucky Attorneys!

On Friday, the latest group of Kentucky attorneys swore they have never fought a duel and officially joined the Kentucky bar. We congratulate them on this great accomplishment! If you are fortunate enough to have a new attorney joining your firm, remember to fill out the “Add an Attorney” form on our website.

Illinois Supreme Court Holds Former Client May Seek Reimbursement of Punitive Damages Award in Legal Malpractice Lawsuit

The Illinois Supreme Court recently held the plaintiff in a legal malpractice case may seek the reimbursement of their actual damages, including any punitive damages the plaintiff was required to pay due to the alleged malpractice. For a full write-up, check out this article from Hinshaw Law.

Eastern Kentucky Flooding Disaster Recovery Continues

AppalReD, in conjunction with the Kentucky Bar Association and the American Bar Association Young Lawyers Division, is ready and able to assist Eastern Kentucky flood victims with legal services. Individuals needing assistance should call 1-844-478-0099 during business hours Monday through Friday. If you are interested in providing pro bono assistance directly to flood victims, we recommend signing up as a volunteer with AppalReD on their website.

We will continue to make our disaster response resources available on the LMICK website!

LMICK Collecting Donations at Pikeville KLU for Attorneys Impacted by Flooding

Eastern Kentucky attorneys are still in need of support following the July 2022 flood as they work to rebuild offices that were destroyed. Lawyers Mutual of Kentucky in partnership with the Kentucky Bar Association and SOLACE will be collecting office supplies at the Pikeville Kentucky Law Update location through lunch when we will pack up for delivery. Click here for more information about requested donations.



Practice Tips

Practical Tips in Cybersecurity Series #3: Using Public Wi-Fi

As the workforce becomes more mobile and we all look for ways to be more efficient, it is tempting to log-on to the wifi at a local coffee shop and address a few emails between meetings. However, public wi-fi is generally not secure and can put you and your practice at risk of various cyber breaches. The best option is to use your own cell data, either thorough your phone’s hotspot or a standalone hotspot device. Here are some additional best practices from the U.S. Homeland Security for you to consider.

Did you know? Your LMICK policy includes access to several cyber security risk management resources and some cyber coverage free of charge. Detailed log-in information is inside your LMICK Policy Folder. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss any coverage or log-in questions.



Wellness Corner

Are you getting enough rest? The memory and sleep connection

Did you know sleep helps strengthen your memory? Studies show deep sleep helps solidify memories and new learning. As we age, the amount of our deep sleep decreases and could provide one reason for an increase in memory issues. Check out this article from the National Institute of Health and the provided links for tips to improve your sleep—and your memory!



Upcoming Events

Kentucky Law Update Registration is Now Open

The 2022 Kentucky Law Update program will include one day of live, in-person training in each location as well as an on-demand component. LMICK is excited to present live: Small Steps, Big Impact: Practical Tips for Protecting Your Practice (1.0 hour of ethics). This session will identify the most common causes of liability and then will equip attendees with small steps that can have a big impact on reducing their exposure and protecting their practice. KLU registration is now available!

LMICK Fourth Quarter CLE Coming in November!

It’s Time for Your Annual Check-up! Measuring the Health of Your Law Firm with the LMICK Risk Management Tool
1.0 hour Ethics CLE, Pending Approval

While it may take more than “an apple a day” to keep malpractice and ethical complaints at bay, LMICK has a new tool to check-up on the health of your firm. Attendees will receive an overview of the new 30-Minute Malpractice Check-Up and how to use it. This session will discuss issues related to communication (SCR 3.130(1.4)), fees (SCR 3.130(1.5, 1.15)), supervision (SCR 3.130(5.1-5.3)), and conflicts (SCR 3.30(1.7-1.11, 1.13). Attendees will gain a better understanding of these pitfalls and discuss solutions and resources for a healthier practice.

Because this season can be hectic, this quarterly CLE will be made available on-demand for our insureds in November to be viewed at your convenience. We hope you take advantage of this tool as we end the year and aim to start the new year off right!

We look forward to seeing you!

LMICK is proud to support the organizations that support you and your work! We will be out and about this fall, leading CLEs and tabling events. We hope you can join us at one of these currently scheduled events (and make sure to come say hello)!

Oct. 20: Kentucky Law Update, Pikeville
Oct. 27: Kentucky Law Update, Bowling Green
Nov. 3: Kentucky Law Update, London
Nov. 3-4: Kentucky Justice Association Women’s Caucus Conference
Nov. 10: Kentucky Land Title Association Annual Meeting, Louisville
Nov. 17: Kentucky Law Update, Paducah
Dec. 1: Kentucky Law Update, Louisville

Attending one or more of these events will help you reach your goal of 20 CLE credits which could earn you a credit on your next LMICK premium!

We want to hear from you! Have a CLE topic you would like to see? Send suggestions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Need a CLE Speaker? Click here to schedule an ethics CLE for your event!