OnDemand CLEs

PLEASE NOTE: CLEs for our activities are only available to LMICK Policyholders. Each attorney must go to the KBA website, login and post their CLE Credit. Instructions can be downloaded here.

Improving Lawyer Competence with a Trauma Informed Approach

Dorislee Gilbert, Esq., Heather Risk, PsyD

Lawyers often represent or interact with individuals who have been impacted by trauma. Understanding the psychological impact of trauma—and the resulting behavioral results—can help the client and the lawyer more successfully navigate the representation. Attendees will gain practical, easy-to-implement steps for representing trauma-impacted clients competently, including techniques for communicating effectively with such clients.

From Panic to Profit, How 6 Key Numbers Can Make a 6 Figure Difference in Your Law Firm

Brooke Lively, Founder of Cathedral Capital

Most attorneys go to law school with the promise there won’t be any math. Once they own their own practice, they realize the “numbers” are an integral part of owning a business – and yet they don’t know how to use them. The speaker will review the 6 Key Numbers every law firm owner should monitor, where to find them, and how to use them to go from panic to profit in your practice.

In this fast paced and entertaining session, participants will learn:

  • The 6 Key Numbers® that should be tracked in every firm
  • How to find those numbers, who is responsible for them, and how often to look at them
  • Take a deep dive into Production to understand:
    • The importance of billing goals and how to effectively implement them
    • The capacity of their firm in terms of work that can be done by existing staff
    • How to use WIP to project cash flow
  • How to improve collections
  • The mechanics of creating a Cash Flow Forecast (worksheet provided) and how to use it to improve firm operations

Trial by Zoom - Overcoming your Zoom Resistance to Deliver Results for your Clients

Jamie G. Goldstein & Elise R. Sanguinetti with Arias Sanguinetti Wang & Torrijos, LLP

This seminar will focus on how to successfully prepare and try a virtual jury trial. Long-time Injury Board members Elise Sanguinetti and Jamie Goldstein of the San Francisco Bay area office of Arias Sanguinetti Wang & Torrijos LLP have just successfully represented their client in one of the nation’s first, completely virtual trial. Elise and Jamie will share their first-hand experience with this ground-breaking trial - from the strategy and planning that went into advocating for a virtual trial, to jury selection, presenting the case, deliberation, verdict, and post-trial activities.