Golden Oldies, The Graying of Professional Responsibility

Bench & Bar – Fall 1997

The Secret Life of Client Files

Bench & Bar – January 2003

How to Fire a Client

Bench & Bar – May 2001

Prospective Clients, Neither Fish Nor Foul

Bench & Bar – May 2003

The Amazing Client Electronic Files

Bench & Bar – May 2010

Investing in

Bench & Bar – September 2000

The Delicate Ethical Requirements of Representing a Person With Diminished Capacity

Bench & Bar – September 2010

Closing a Kentucky Law Office: A Guide for After the Death of a Kentucky Sole Practitioner

Bench & Bar – September 2013

Closed Client File Retention Policy: Best Practices

Missing Client: I Can't Find My Client!

The Risk Manager, Fall 1997

What Should You Do if Your Client Asks For Return of Files In Computer Disk Form?

The Risk Manager, Fall 2000

When is a Client Not a Client and Vice Versa?

The Risk Manager, Fall 2006

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